The Google Cloud

photo by Anonymous/Pexels

arial greyscale image looking out over clouds

A cloud is “a communications network. The word “cloud” often refers to the Internet, and more precisely to some datacenter full of servers that is connected to the Internet” (PC Mag) Within a cloud, many systems work together to create one big system. The concept of a cloud in the digital world is essentially a complex network of online services conglomerated into one place. Clouds are flexible, scalable, cost effective, and secure. Some popular examples are Google, Dropbox, and Amazon Web Services. 

I am the most familiar with Google, so within this post I will be focusing on it’s cloud network. Google has so many services offered under one same platform: Drive, Calendar, Gmail, Hangout, Youtube, etc.  All of which you can share and interact with your friends on! Google makes it incredibly easy to have everything you need in a day in one place; I have my email, planner, course documents, and projects all on the same website. The cloud is by far the most time and cost effective way of saving my documents and making plans with friends. 

A perfect example of how effective the Google cloud is would have to be the trip to Hawaii I am currently planning with a friend in Australia. We unfortunately do not have the luxury of meeting up in person to chat about the trip and organize it, so we have done most of our planning over Google. From planing the days, to budgeting, to picking our accommodations, we did everything over Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Google Plus. The cloud made it so quick  and easy to figure everything about our trip out from opposite sides of the world!

This type of service would be much more difficult to manage using other types of middleware. If we weren’t using Google as a platform for our trip we would have to use multiple different apps to send pictures of our schedules, send links over chatting apps, email budget spreadsheets, etc. and it would be incredibly time consuming and complicated.

Next time you are planning a trip, consider utilizing the Google Cloud to see how effortless it makes everything!


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