Fashion Week Through a Feedly Lens

image: Chanel Spring Summer 2015 runway finally showing models marching down runway, protesting with Feminist signs. (from Getty Images on Teen Vogue)

For this post, I have used Feedly to read up on the latest trend presented in the Fall Winter 2017/2018 fashion weeks.

Women’s rights and equality were a major trend on the runways this year which is an awesome sign for the industry to come! The Council of Fashion designers of America (CFDA) even “announced plans to partner with Planned Parenthood just prior to fashion week, hoping to use the spotlight on NYFW to raise awareness and funds” (Fashionista). Women’s rights had a tough start to the year due to recent elections, and designers from around the globe used the catwalk as a canvas for political activism. They consistently rolled out strong political messages through garments, whether that be through cuts, styling, diversity, or even physical printed messages. Feedly helped me navigate through all the fashion publications on the blog curating website based on my likes and preferences, and fish out the top trends FW 2017/2018 have to offer.

Pant suits galore (The Blonde Salad)

The pant suit is a traditionally male getup; however, the pant suits presented in the Fall/Winter 2018 shows were new and innovative. Designers are pushing non-traditional silhouettes for both men and women for next winter season. Garments are more focused on details and the workmanship of the garments themselves — in some collections we even see absolute minimalism, not placing emphasis on women’s curves and instead finding new ultra flattering cuts for the 21st century woman to pull off. If you sit down and think about it, rather than a new style, this is an entirely new approach to fashion (The Blonde Salad).

Unisex collections 

Many designers opted for gender neutral or unisex garments for their FW 2018 collections. More and more, we are seeing progress within the industry and diminishing amounts of strict gender binaries. The Calvin Klein collection by Raf Simmons featured men and women wearing the same outfits one behind the other, yet each individual brings something different to it. Even outside the runway, Levi’s launched their unisex denim collection, featuring jeans and jackets, around the same time as NYFW.

Walking/ talking feminist messages on and off the runway

It seems like powerful political messaged t-shirts are the new graphic T as we saw collection after collection producing garments adorned with powerful political, and social messages. The collections were all about empowerment and walking the walk to match the talk. Some example of collections are Creatures of Comfort, WateR. But best of all for me would have to be Prabal Gurung; the entire show finale was a parade of models wearing feminist t-shirts. The fall winter collections certainly conveyed very strong and powerful messages hinting towards major changes to come.

Designer casts only immigrant models for the runway (Fashionista)

Other designers chose to cast more diversity in their shows, as Anniesa Hasibuan did. The Muslim designer chose to cast only immigrant models to cast a very political message  towards the current state of immigration in the United States. Hasibuan has been an advocate for fighting xenophobia and islamophobia for many years and has used her collections at New York Fashion Week as a platform to continue this battle for the second consecutive year now. “[The designer] continued her sartorial protest against Islamophobic and xenophobic sentiments and policies in the U.S. by casting an international mix of models who are immigrants, green card holders or first- or second- generation Americans” (Fashionista).

International Women’s Day (Fashionista)

The fashion industry also used the momentum from the fall winter fashion weeks to make a statement about International Women’s Day. Models and celebrities spoke out about international women’s day in a video made by W Mag, showing the industry’s support of women’s rights and equality.

Naturally Feedly would provide results based on my preferences and likes on the web as a whole, but I do believe that women’s rights are becoming a major part of the fashion industry this year as made apparent by FW 2017/2018 fashion weeks.



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